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Sample Video formats

With broadband becoming more prevalent, having a video clip on your site is quite possible. To play well, the video needs to be "compressed" (the file size made much smaller) and hosted on a Server which is especially set up to "stream" videos. Streaming videos means they will start playing right away, and will load quickly as they are playing so that they do not continually pause to "buffer". Even though the video is greatly compressed it is still a HUGE file size and takes a HUGE amount of bandwidth to play (which means it would be quite expensive to host the videos in your web space, even if they would play well there). But fortunately there are some very good free or low cost streaming servers your video can be hosted on and then played from your website, as you can see in these examples:
NOTE: These are just some videos I arbitrarily selected at these sites to use as examples... the video size and quality is different in each, but actually for the same video you would be seeing very similar results from each, and showing the video in a smaller size will make it sharper.

YouTube sample video
Another YouTube Example.
Find out more about how to host your videos on YouTube HERE.

Yahoo sample video
Another Yahoo video.
Find out more about how to host your videos on Yahoo HERE.

Vimeo sample video
Another Vimeo sample ( professional equipment used).
Find out more about how to host your videos on Vimeo HERE.

The better the quality of the video to start with, the better it will look online. To get very good results, you need professional equipment, and with an inexpensive home video camera it likely won't look quite as good as you might expect when optimized for the internet. The video will look the best if you do not have very much or very fast movement. You will need some editing software to put the video together and to add any special effects you might wish (all video equipment usually comes with software for editing the video). As you can see if you look at other videos in these sites, the quality of the videos varies greatly, depending on the quality of the original video, and the size at which it plays. There are many different video formats, so for the best results, be sure to upload the video in the format that is recommended.

Another benefit of a video is it can also give you more exposure in the internet. People can do searches for videos at these video hosting sites, and you can assign keywords to your video. Be sure you have a link to your website displayed in the video in case someone is viewing it from the video hosting website instead of from your website. YouTube is by far the most popular video hosting site, is very to use, and would give you the most online exposure. It is owned by Google.

There are other free video hosting sites out there. If you might want to use a different one than shown above, let me know and I can test to see if it would be possible to show the video on your site from their server. In any case, having your video in more than one video hosting site will give you more exposure. Do a search for something like "free video hosting" to find them ... it is a constantly changing field.

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