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1) Read through this site to see what we offer.

2) Go to the MODELS page to see the examples and select one by clicking the "Get this one" button, or go directly to the Order Form if you want a custom design.

3) Fill out the form you are taken to with your site content.

4) Email us your photos.

Your site can be live in a matter of a few days. We can also create a totally custom site for you - ask for a quote.

Vacation Rental Web Site Features & Pricing

These are guidelines for pricing based on the features listed here. We try to be as flexible as possible, and you are not limited to what is in our package. If you would like any changes or custom features, or have any questions, just send us a Quick Note and we will get right back to you.

Pricing based on what you want :

* With CMS - The cost for your complete web site with all your information installed and a Content Management System to allow you to edit or add content is a one time $550 setup fee, and then $8.00 per month to be paid yearly, no other fees or charges. This includes a .com or .net domain name registration for one year if needed, full featured professional hosting, and support.
If you wish to use a domain name other than a .com or .net, that is fine, but you will need to register it yourself.

* Without CMS - If you do not need the Content Management System installed, we charge only a set price of $500 for the complete website, $8 per month for fully featured professional USA hosting, with registration of a domain name free for the first year if needed. We will make small changes to your website free of charge, and larger changes at a rate of $45 an hour or a set agreed upon price. We are always available for support.

For additional pages, features, or custom designs there may be an extra charge, please Contact Us for a quote.

Below are the details, and be sure to see the Examples.

Vacation Rental Web site Package:

  •  A content management system (CMS) can be built into the site, and you will have an Administration Area where you can edit or add content through your browser anytime you want. You can also elect to have us do some or all changes for you ... for small changes there is no charge.
    There is also the option of having a site without the CMS, in which case we could do small changes for you without charge.
  •  A Home page which typically has one large photo, a smaller one in the header, and a few thumbs which can link to larger images in the side panel. The text should have a general description of your rental's features and location.
  •  A Photo Gallery Page to show your rental and the surrounding area. You can add photos here yourself, as well as on other pages of your site.
  •  An Amenities page which describes and lists the rental features, facilities, and nearby local attractions. Several appropriate photos can be included here.
  •  A Guest Book page which would contain comments about the rental your guests have sent you and given you permission to include on your site.
  •  A Rates & Policies Page with Detailed Rate information, Deposit instructions, and any restrictions. If you have a Policy form or Terms and Conditions Form, etc. we can include that also and have it downloadable and printable.
  •  An Availability Calendar which you can easily edit . Your site visitors can view it to see which dates are open in order to make an online reservation. If you already have a calendar elsewhere we could link to it instead.
  •  A Reservation Form where renters can choose an available time period and make an online reservation which will be sent to you. They will then be informed that you will soon be in touch with them to confirm their reservation.
  •  A Payments Page can be set up to allow you to collect Deposit Payments Online. This can be set up to charge credit cards through Paypal, and/or securely collect credit card information which you can access and charge later through your Merchant Account via your Virtual Terminal. See our credit card page for more information about extra charges which may apply.
  •  Your Rental Agreement can be linked to from the Reservations and/or Payment Pages in a way to make it a legally binding agreement even if not signed. See the Rental Agreement in our sample vacation rental web sites for more information about this.
  •  A fax credit card form which renters can fill out to print and mail to you (not applicable unless you already have a Virtual Terminal set up in a Merchant Account).
  •  A page with your contact information, which can include all the contact information you wish to make public.
  •  Your email address will be encrypted to prevent spam bots from harvesting it if you should want an email link on the contact page or elsewhere. Ordinarily we will install both a Reservation Request form on the Reservations Page and an Inquiry form on the Contact Page.
  •  A map showing the location of your rental using either an image or by inserting Google Maps into the page as you can see in this example.
  •  Driving instructions for how to get to your rental from the airport, if you would like.
  • Detailed Site Statistics which will show you the total number of visitors to your site, where they came from, how long they stayed, how many visitors each search engine brought to your site, which robots and spiders visited your site, which countries your visitors are from, which search terms they used to find you, which search terms and keyphrases were used most often, and much more. Or, you can have a simple Hit Counter to show you the number of visits to your site right on the page. If you wish either of these options, please let me know and I can install it.
  •  Free site maintenance. Small changes or adjustments done at no charge. For large changes or additions to the site, the time required will be charged at a rate of $40 an hour, or a set agreed upon price.
  •  Search Engine Optimized pages to improve your ranking.
  • YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME - We can use a domain name you already own, or a new one can be registered. The .com or .net domain name registration for the first year is included in our packages when we register it for you. After that, the charge is $25 per year, or we can transfer the domain name into your own account with the Registrar at no charge.
    You can do a Domain Name Search here to see what is available.
    If you wish a domain name registered for a different country, then you will need to register it yourself.
  • HOSTING - The hosting company we use is US based, fully featured, professional, reliable, and directly connected to the backbone of the internet. There is no extra charge for hosting if buying the CMS web site, but other plans have a hosting fee of $8 per month, paid yearly. By hosting through us we can provide full hosting support.


The basic package includes us sizing and optimizing for the internet up to 20 photos and placing them in your site, but you can have up to 50 if you want. There is a small charge for the sizing and optimizing if we add the extra photos for you, or you can add them yourself through the Content Management System (if you get that option).
The photos you add yourself will need to be sized and optimized. If you do not have an image editing application to do this with, we can provide you with a free one with which you can size and optimize your photos with just a couple of clicks (Windows only).

This is not a Virtual Tour, but a real video which you can create and have on your web site. You can see a sample here by clicking on the "Play Video" Button in the sidebar. It involves uploading and streaming your video from the Google YouTube servers. The cost to set it up is usually around $50; please inquire if you want more information about how this can be done.

If you have more than one rental it might be necessary to have more than one Availability Calendar, one for each unit. There is no charge for extra calendars.

You can have as many more pages as you want. This is especially helpful if you have more than one rental unit or a large rental. You can have a separate Availability Calendar for each rental. The cost for creating extra pages is billed at $40 an hour, or if you let me know your requirements I can do it for a set agreed upon price.

Ordinarily you would receive guest comments through your hard copy guestbook at your rental, or through letters or emails which you could then put into your web site through the CMS. We don't set up the CMS to allow the public to directly post comments in your site because that becomes a hacker and spammer magnet, creating lots of problems. What can be done though is to have a form on your site with which your renters can make comments for the Guest Book online. These would come to you by email, and you could enter them into the Guest Book Page through the CMS (or not). There is an extra charge of $50 to set this up.

We start out with a basic site format (as seen in the examples. ) You can choose any of these models to base your site upon. If you want custom features added, it is not a problem. Let me know your requirements, and we can give you a price for doing it.
If you would like a totally custom web site, we can do that too. Just send us a Quick Note with your ideas, and we can give you a quote on how much it will cost.

Your site can be set up so that you can charge deposits from your renters online. We use Paypal, and there is no extra charge to include this if you want it. Read more about how it works here. More people use Paypal for online credit card billing than all the other payment processors put together. Your customers are not required to register with Paypal to make payments to you. Click to make a payment on any of our sample web sites to see how this works.
If you have a Merchant Account, we can also set it up so you can securely collect credit card information online to charge via your Virtual Terminal. There is an $260 charge to set this up, since it requires a totally secure method of accepting and retrieving the credit card details. A record of all transactions is also recorded and available to you in a secure manner.


What you get:

  • A complete 8 Page web site with all your information installed.
  • Content Management System integrated into the web site (optional) with an Admin Area for making Edits & Additions to your web site through your browser anytime you want.
  • Availability Calendar.
  • Reservation Form.
  • Photo Gallery.
  • Take Deposits Online.
  • Map to Your Rental.
  • Detailed site statistics or Hit Counter.
  • Your .com Domain Name.
  • Quality US Hosting.
  • Site Maintenance and Full Support.
  • Search engine optimized.
  • Custom Designing available
  • COST:

  • Plan 1: CMS, $550 + $8 per month, all inclusive.
  • Plan 2: We maintain, $500 + $8 per month hosting.
  • CUSTOM SITES or MULTIPLE RENTALS: Contact us for quote, it is hard to say without knowing your requirements.


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