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Sample Payments Page - for use after dates confirmed

Ordinarily the Payment Page is set up as you can see in any of our Model Sites. If you use a Virtual Terminal for doing charges, the payment page you see here may be more appropriate.

This one below is set up to offer the option of paying by Paypal, or directly by Credit Card. You can go through the process of paying either way to try it out - I have disabled the credit card validation so you can use any credit card number and the transaction will show as completed. Use your real email address to get receipt of payment.
This method can be used if you have use of a Virtual Terminal, or already have a Merchant Account set up for online transactions, or wish to set one up.
For charging through your Virtual Terminal, the credit card information is stored on a secure server which you would be able to access through a secure Admin Area. It can be set up to either get their credit card information when they make a reservation request and charge them only if their request is confirmed by you, OR you can have them input their credit card information after they are confirmed by you.
It could also be set up to do a "real time" charge through a Merchant Account. Setting up this type of Payment Page will incurr extra charges.

Much more information about all this can be found on the Credit Card Processing Page.

*** Please do not make a payment until we confirm your reservation request ***

All information is confidential, and payments by Credit Card will be taken to a Secure Encrypted Page.
Please enter name and address as it appears on your credit card statement if you will be paying with one.

STEP 1: Please fill out your personal information
Items marked * are required

Full Name *
Address *
City *
State or Province * (two letters for state)
Zip or Postal Code *
Country *
Phone *
Email *
Arrival Date *
Payment * $ (ONLY NUMBERS, no $ or comma)
For Payment, please enter the amount which is due now.
NOTE: A link to your Rental Agreement might also be placed on this page with some wording to the effect that it needs to be printed, signed and mailed to you within a certain number of days before their reservation is fully confirmed.

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