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Vacation Rental Availability Calendar

The Availability Calendar is a very helpful tool for managing your reservation requests, and we recommend that you use one, and keep it up to date. One of the biggest complaints from renters is either no Availability Calendar, or it not being current.

A Calendar will make it much easier for your clients to make a reservation because they know what dates are available in advance, and much easier for you in that it will eliminate having to correspond back and forth about available dates. Once your client sees which dates he can reserve, he can immediately either go to your reservation form and make the reservation, or call you. Upon receiving the reservation request you can confirm the reservation, and make arrangements for taking a deposit.

If you already have a calendar that you keep up-to-date, it is usually possible to incorporate it into the site. It needs to be a stand-alone calendar that can be linked to. This way you would not have to update more than one calendar.

We have a choice of two different Availability Calendars. Both are very easy to maintain, and you can have either type you wish.

Availability Calendar Style 1:

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This is our 'default' calendar and can be placed directly on your Reservations Page to make it easy for someone to check your available dates. You will have an Admin Area to update your calendar at any time you want, and where you can view all your reservations. This calendar has the option to show it possible to arrive on a previously reserved departure date, and/or to depart on a previously reserved arrival date by showing a date as only "half reserved".
A one month view of the calendar can be placed on the Reservations Page along with a LINK TO A 12 MONTH VIEW.

Availability Calendar Style 2:

This calendar goes a bit further than the above one in that it has the option to be fully automated. It not only shows the open dates, pending dates and confirmed reservations, but it has the option to automatically update the calendar as your clients make their reservations. It can automatically figure out the total cost for the rental and the deposit amount required depending on your daily OR nightly rate for the dates picked. Or, it can just let them send in the reservation request without calculating a total price or deposit amount ... up to you. It has the option to take them directly to Paypal after they make the reservation request to make the payment. Since this is a calendar and reservation form all in one, it is shown on another page.
A one month view of the calendar can be placed on the Reservations Page along with a link to a 3 month, 6 mont, or 12 MONTH VIEW.
This calendar requires a database be set up, so must be priced as an extra option for $250. With the database, you have an Administration area where you can keep track of all reservations. For each you can view and edit the Guest Name, Reservation Dates, Status (confirmed, pending, canceled), Total Price, Reservation ID, Email, Phone, and any notes about the reservation you want to add. It also automatically sends out a confirming email to the guest and you for each reservation request. It can show all reservations as Pending with a different color on the calendar until you confirm them.

What you get:

  • A complete 8 Page web site with all your information installed.
  • Content Management System integrated into the web site (optional) with an Admin Area for making Edits & Additions to your web site through your browser anytime you want.
  • Availability Calendar.
  • Reservation Form.
  • Photo Gallery.
  • Take Deposits Online.
  • Map to Your Rental.
  • Detailed site statistics or Hit Counter.
  • Your .com Domain Name.
  • Quality US Hosting.
  • Site Maintenance and Full Support.
  • Search engine optimized.
  • Custom Designing available
  • COST:

  • Plan 1: CMS, $490 + $8 per month, all inclusive.
  • Plan 2: We maintain, $450 + $10 per month hosting.
  • CUSTOM SITES: ask for quote, but ordinarily around $200 more than quoted above for either with CMS or without.


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